Insightful Input Forms to enhance your bookkeeping


Budget Input Form

Enter detailed revenue and expense budgets for current year planning purposes. Copy previous year budgets into the new year, copy a monthly budget to another month, or increase your new budget by a certain % or $ amount.


Commission Statement Input (CSI) Form

Add commission statement data (commission revenue and expenses) directly and segregated by rep code while incorporating any tax reporting requirements along the way. Automatic negative commission balance forward tracking is built-in


Misc.Expense & Income Input (MEI) Form

The MEI input form is utilized for any general revenue or expense items, allowing you to enter your full month of entries on one document.   Add your miscellaneous revenue and expense receipts (with accounts organized alphabetically for quick bookkeeping input) that include date, invoice/ref #, document description, taxes, and cheque/deposit # fields for detailed tracking.

Insightful Reporting


Balance Sheet

Every Financial Advisor should know the financial position of his practice at any particular point in time - your Balance Sheet  report will provide the assets, liabilities, and owners' equity of your practice or corporate practice


Income Statement

Your Income Statement is a financial report of your practice's financial performance over a specific accounting period. Financial performance is assessed by giving a summary of how the business incurs its revenues and expenses.  Currently you can display and print this information through a summary income statement, detailed income statement, or comparative income statement. 


Tax Report - GST/HST

Easily manage complicated GST/HST tracking and reporting relating to revenue such as Fee for Service or Referral Fees using the built in GST/HST report generator. Access everything you need to quickly complete and file your Federal GST/HST returns